Loans Without Envelope Pay Compass, Can You Get It?

Loans Without Envelope Pay Compass, Can You Get It?

Are you unemployed or not a demonstrable income with a paycheck but do you need funding to cope with housekeeping or liquidity jobs? Compass can meet your needs with a personalized loan. Compass is one of the best-known financial companies in Italy, a leader in consumer credit. It is part of Medium Bank and since 1960 offers financial and insurance instruments aimed at meeting the needs of customers, with customized solutions and advantageous conditions.

Reliable and transparent, it offers tailor-made financing of customer reimbursement capacities, useful to allow them to face the future with serenity and have the necessary liquidity to face expenses. Compass allows those who do not have a paycheck to access financial resources to carry out their projects and meet their liquidity needs. Housewives, the unemployed and self-employed who do not receive a salary can get a loan if they give appropriate guarantees. The latter may be represented by a surety, an insurance policy or a fixed income deriving, for example, from rents of buildings or annuities.

A third possibility that can help you get access to a Compass loan is given by the signature of a guarantor. A third party who assumes the responsibility to pay the nannies for you in case of problems that prevent you from fulfilling your commitment. Naturally, the guarantor is required to show that he has a paycheck or in any case income to meet the payment of the installments.

How to apply for the Compass loan without a paycheck

To apply for a loan to Compass before going to the nearest branch to your city, you can visit the site and calculate a revised online p in order to find the type of financing best suited to your reimbursement possibilities. Once you have filled out the form with the required data, you can view different offers, choose the most advantageous one and make an appointment with a consultant to formalize the request or receive detailed information on the conditions of the loan or find appropriate solutions to your economic profile.

Requirements and documents for the loan without a paycheck

To apply for the Compass loan without a paycheck you must have minimum requirements such as being of legal age and having Italian citizenship. Regarding the documents to be presented at the time of the request are represented by the tax code or health card, identity document and a copy of the documents that demonstrate the personal and real guarantees held. If the loan is guaranteed by a third party, it is necessary to attach the identity documents of the latter together with a copy of his paycheck or pension slip.

The loan without payroll can have an amount between 5,000 and 20,000 euros, which can be repaid in monthly installments of a maximum duration of 10 years. The loan request without a paycheck is subject to the approval of Compass. The investigation lasts a few days, if the loan is accepted, the customer will receive the sum requested on the current account. Before signing any contract, carefully read the conditions and in particular, any additional charges and the applied Tan and Taeg interest rates, true indicators of the cost of the loan.



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